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Everything You Need to Know about the Active Release Technique

Are you looking for a reliable chiropractor near you? There are many chiropractors springing up everyday, and finding the best one for you is not always straight forward. You should take your time and find a professional sport chiropractor who can help you if you are seeking the active release technique. Active release technique is particularly prominent among injured patients and athletes who want to recover from soft tissue injuries. It is worth noting that major professional football and other sport organisations have a certified active release technique practitioner by their side.

This guide will help you understand what active release technique is, and what to expect from a reliable clinic. ART is a hands-on treatment that is used in the management of soft tissue injuries. The typical injuries that are treated using this technique usually affect tendons, nerves, ligaments, fascia, blood vessels, and other important tissue. Damage can be caused by trauma, either blunt or sharp force. The onset of other illnesses is usually more gradual. Examples of these include bursitis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or poor posture. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you should find a chiropractor to guide you through the ART.

The human body has natural responses that aid in the repair of damaged tissue. This is done mainly by the development of scar tissue or connective tissue deposits. This could result in stiffness, reduced function, pain and sometimes numbness. Active release technique is among the few treatment methods that are designed to effectively manage soft tissue injuries within the musculoskeletal system. The technique combines a deep understanding of biomechanics and motion within the limbs. The treatment will help you gain better mobility and help in eliminating the pain or discomfort.

Once you have been diagnosed of any of the mentioned illnesses, treatment can be commenced. It is worth noting that active release technique is also a diagnostic tool. Scar tissue is not usually visible under MRIs or x-rays. A reliable chiropractic practitioner will find the soft tissue injury by expert touch. Active release technique usually involves a lot of direct contact from the practitioner to the area of concern. Active release technique has many specific protocols that are unique to it. Every individual patient has a slightly different diagnosis and the chiropractor will come up with a customized ART protocol.

In order to alleviate the pain or discomfort, this procedure will break the adhesion where the scar tissue is located. Most of these sites are quite sensitive and you should expect minor discomfort during the procedure. A good chiropractor will ensure that the pressure applied will not exceed the patient’s tolerance. Active release technique can be used to manage injury realized from everyday activities. It also helps to relieve discomfort in the event of repetitive motion injuries such as pronation syndrome or iliotibial band syndrome. Active release technique is designed to manage cumulative trauma injuries that can arise from car accidents or intense sports.

If you discover that you have pain on your wrist or hip, you should find a reliable ART chiropractor to get the standard of care that is provided to professional athletes.

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